Progetto Forme
Cheese between creativity and UNESCO heritage

5th edition | Bergamo | 20-22 November 2020

Video from the last edition

The 2020 edition

A paradigm shift

The 2020 edition is certainly special: it has to face the problems and the new priorities related to the COVID-19 pandemic, that has affected the dairy sector.

The pandemic has changed the world a lot leading to new relationships and business models, up-to-date technological instruments and different consumption habits we need to deal with.

Creativity and UNESCO heritage as key points

The Bergamo City Council has organised a summit with the Italian and international UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy. The aim is to make the most of the great potential of all 246 UCC in the world.

FOOD. RESTART FROM CREATIVITY is a though and innovation laboratory, an open door to the future that links knowledge and experience, breaks down geographical barriers and promotes agri-food products.

The 2020 edition analyses new scenarios and connects assets, people and projects capable of providing added value.

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